Our primary goal is to assist you in implementing your design intent; we do so by offering a number of support services in the pre-planning and construction phase. One of our well received services that we provide is: two estimates; one during concept drawings and the second at preliminary drawings that identify exterior and interior building components for the entire home and assign them to specific cost centers. Assisting you and your client in making construction related decisions that are incorporated into the drawings as they go from concept to actual working drawings; long-lead item scheduling, cost and budget constraints are addressed early on. Concerns as to how various construction components will work together are identified in advance and reduce or eliminate future problems and cost surprises that may not have been anticipated.

When construction drawings are completed and prior to the start of the actual construction the Architect/Designer, their client and RCM compare the actual bids and supplier quotes to the original concept and preliminary estimates by cost center and sub trade. Clients are able to reallocate portions of the cost to different cost centers if they choose to do so and any and all savings that are gained from the bidding process are passed directly to the owners. There are no suprises.

The Architect/Designer and their client are always in the information and decision loop either through periodic job meetings on-site with the core team and/or other trades as the work progresses or weekly projected construction schedules that are faxed or sent over the internet.

We understand while reviewing the purchase or sale of a home with a potential client questions may arise as to modifications in design that could assist in a positive listing or sale. We can help by providing the vision and concept estimates which are a combination of budget numbers from primary subcontractors and suppliers, or cost information we have in our database. We can also accommodate two needs for your clients; one by transforming a seller's present home into what prospective buyers want now; or by giving buyers a pre-purchase "vision" of a home's potential.

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