Faced with things like budget restrictions and tight schedules our involvement early-on in the process is critical. To ensure a seamless project, and prior to any commitments, we would meet with you to:
  • Assess and evaluate your needs
  • Determine the project objectives
  • Explain and define the Owner’s role in the building process
  • Whether you are here or traveling abroad we have developed communication tools to keep you informed on the status of your project 24/7/365.
  • Once selected as your Construction Manager, and now acting as the Owner’s representative, we coordinate and control all aspects of construction.
Our Construction Management Services is comprised of three distinct phases:
  • Pre-Construction Planning
  • Construction Implementation
  • Project Close-out and Post-Construction

Beginning with initial sketches, conceptual floor plans and elevations to revised preliminary drawings and final construction drawings and specifications; we will have a series of planning meetings where working with documentation provided by you, the Client, Architect or Designer, Engineers and various Government Agencies we will define the overall budget goals, identify potential scheduling conflicts, highlight critical dates and milestones and determine whether certain specifications are appropriate. With our expertiese, we can suggest alternative methods of materials and identify any conflicts in long-lead items. Services include:

Site Evaluation to determine:
  • Special zoning needs, setbacks or possible variance requirements
  • Environmental or safety issues
  • Utility requirements
  • Geographic suitability
  • Define construction components, assign cost centers
  • Concept estimate to refine cost centers
  • Value Engineering to explore alternative materials
  • Preliminary Plans/Value Engineering
  • Preliminary estimate and bids by cost centers
  • Reality check, budget versus estimate versus design intent
  • Preliminary construction schedule
  • Final Plan Approval and Bidding
  • Bid packages and invitation to bid
  • Multiple bid review and sub-trade and supplier selection
  • Direct contracts and define payment terms
  • Master disbursement summaries showing, projected versus actual cost
  • Master Schedule Preparation
  • Submittals, approvals and building permit

When everything has been properly addressed during pre-construction, the transition to actual construction is far easier and less difficult to implement. That is not to say there will not be changes or modifications; that is also a typical part of construction. They will however, be less in number and easier to insert into the overall process.

We will conduct a start-up meeting with all trades under contract and subsequently review the same information prior to start of construction and with each new trade's insertion into the overall construction project cover the following information:
  • Introduction to the appropriate parties
  • Confirm schedule
  • Identify procedures and policies
  • Stress safety and job cleanliness
  • Post notifications for securing the site and emergency numbers
  • Confirm hours of work
  • Schedule site meetings
  • Discuss drawing changes and submittals
In general, these are the standard construction services we will provide throughout the course of the project in outline form:
  • Complete Project Administration
    • On-site supervision
    • Scheduling of all trades, suppliers and inspections
    • Adherence to plans and specifications
    • Document all changes and their cost
    • Record and validate all checks written with supporting waivers and sworn statements
    • Schedule the Owners for job meetings when important decisions are to be made
    • Provide communication tools such as: email, fax, weekly schedules and job notes
    • Architectural, Interior and Landscape design coordination
    • Maintain coordination of the Owner's Project Binder (Click to go to Communication Tools)

Once construction is completed it can be difficult to keep track of all the various contractors and suppliers who participated in the building process and all the various data they collected on products including manuals and warranty information. To ensure that the transition from "in-progress" to "in-use" goes as quickly and as smoothly as possible, we provide the following:

  • Product brochures and operational manuals. These items are inserted into the tabbed section of the Project Binder (provided to you at the beginning of construction). This Project Binder and accompanying CD contain a complete written and pictorial record of the entire construction process from beginning to end..."Concept to Completion".

  • Items such as: site meetings, trades, supplier contacts, phone numbers, specifications, job notes and more are included for your future use and reference.

  • Before you take occupancy our primary sub-trades such as applicances, electrical, plumbing and mechanical trades do a complete walk-through with you and explain the operation of each of their system components, which includes the following steps
    • Project team holds a close-out meeting to discuss process and assign responsibility
    • Owners or their representatives are trained on building system operations
    • All building certifications and final approvals are obtained
    • Final punch-list from the Owner is generated
    • Punch-list is thoroughly and quickly completed
    • Warranty documents are compiled and completed
    • As-built documents are compiled and completed
    • Final cost report is generated
    • All close-out information is submitted to the Owner
    • Post-construction meeting with the Owner and Architect is held
All system subcontractors are required to return to the site in the eleventh month of the warranty period to run system checks and look for any system problems prior to warranty expiration.
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