RCM provides total coordination and project management of all aspects of the planning and construction process; and acts as the Owner’s Representative in leading the project team.

What separates RCM from a general building contractor is: we look at the project from the needs of the Homeowner; not the bottom line profit as would a general contractor. We are paid a set fee (like a consultant)... meaning we are an extension of you, the Homeowner. We are not interested in building in extra profits on your project; with our knowledge we actually protect you from hidden costs. We become partners in the project.

RCM believes that you are the central element in the construction process, you should always be in total control and have the final say on any and all decisions related to design, building elements, changes to construction and cash flow management of your individual construction project. We promise from “Concept-to-Completion” to keep you well informed and enhance a solid working relationship between you, the architect and other construction professionals. Resulting in a skillfully designed, well constructed home that meets both your anticipated budget and time frame.

   CA Builders Licence # 990327

All our construction related planning and construction services are divided into the following three procedurally and integrated phases:
         1. Pre-Construction Planning
         2. Construction Implementation
         3. Project Close-out
The Project Binder we give you when we begin your project, is divided into these three construction phases. Each phase has a table of contents, tabbed sections, examples and step-by-step instructions on how to use the Project Binder.

For simplicity and ease of organization most of the construction information and process is produced in Microsoft Excel & Word and contained on two spreadsheets:
         • Master Concept to Construction Worksheet
         • Master Project Construction Schedule
Throughout the construction process we ensure that every detail is in accordance to specifications and your expectations!
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